Girl walks into a bar…

Stop me if you have heard this one before.  Girl walks into a bar and they all yell surprise!
My husband surprised me with an early 40th birthday dinner celebration at one of our favorite local restaurants. The supposed plan was to go out with our good friends for dinner at Frontera Grill, but first we were going to meet at Maya Del Sol for a quick drink to meet up with friends of the couple we were going with. I had a suspicion something was up, nothing very specific but just a inkling. When we got to Maya being led to a back room with a closed curtain raised my suspicions even more. But nonetheless I was still very surprised and over the top happy! Though apparently my reaction was not a crowd pleaser as most people approached me to tell me I did not act surprised enough. I will have to work on that for the next time. Though I would think most people that know me know I am more of a straight faced emoticon type person. My brain just takes a little longer to process than most.
Honestly, walking into a room full of faces you know is overwhelming and slightly embarrassing, I really just wanted to walk back out a get a drink at the bar. I got my wits about me and made my way around to chat with everyone, well after getting myself a yummy prickly pear margarita!  Three of my siblings were there and good friends from near and far that I don’t get to see near enough. The husband put together a FABULOUS evening with all my favorites from the menu. They even had personalized menus with a picture of me on my 2nd birthday, great touch! The Calabaza Rellena was out of this world! Everyone at Maya was great, they really helped make it a great celebration.  The cocktails didn’t hurt, reviewing the itemized bar bill the next day was a hoot.
Now to conquer the running man before I turn 40, yikes not much time left! My real birthday is in just under two weeks away.

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