Sticking it to Old Man Winter

Today I have successfully stuck it to Old Man Winter. well I had help…
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is healing my lips that have been chapped for weeks. A luxury I was lucky enough to receive as a gift.

  • Finally I gave overcame my cheapness and bought one of those fancy kick-ass remotes. Boy am I happy. It controls everything TV, DVD, cable, volume related. Why the hell did I wait so long to buy one?
  • Determining earlier in the week that I needed to work at home today led to unintended genius. Working wrapped in my blanket when the wind-chill is -20 °brings me happiness no office desk can ever compete with.
  • My percolator is just what this weather ordered. Tasty hot coffee was just what was needed to jump start this day.
  • Jimmy Johns! Nothing beats freaky fast delivery in this freaky cold.  I will even forgive them the auto-sound on their website.
Now, if I only had a remote car starter for when I actually DO have to leave the house.  Stay warm friends!
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