Top Chef, I am just not that into you.

I have been tuning into Top Chef since season one, but after last nights finale I am officially over Top Chef.  This season just never really did it for me.  I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.

Each season I know almost immediately who my favorites are, if not a favorite that I want to see go all the way.  I never had that this season.  In fact, I did not care for most of the chefs.  A few grew on me as the season went on, others I despised.  Last nights finale did it for me.  I am officially over Top Chef.

In the end it is best for both of us.  I watch far too much reality TV, losing one show in my repertoire is a positive thing.  In the event you give a crap, here is where I found fault, none of which really have to do with the food.  They are all great chefs.

If you have not see the finale don’t read any further.

For those that don’t watch it, the finale was a cook-off was between three chefs, two of them brother’s, Michael and Bryan, and another chef Kevin.

  1. Each Chef is asked why they should be Top Chef.  Micheal, the winner, answer was essentially  “I just don’t want Bryan to be Top Chef”.  Bryan being his brother.
  2. The judges laughed at Micheal’s response to why he should be Top Chef.  Not funny.  Had the Bryan said it, funny, he would not have meant it.
  3. Uninspired finale.  Overall an uninspired season.
  4. None of three did a stand out job on the finale.
  5. The judge stated he did not like bacon in his dessert.  He should not be a judge.  Who doesn’t appreciate a little salt to enhance the sweet.  Bacon, it is what Kevin does and he did it well.
  6. Michael, the winner, is a douche bag.  This is the censored version.
  7. Stone cold Michael cried, I quote others here, “tears of douchery”.  It did not become him.
  8. Michael won for shock value, keep people talking about Top Chef a bit longer.  Bryan  out cooked Michael the majority of the season.  Kevin was not far behind.
  9. Padma was a bitch for saying “Kevin <> you  are not the Top Chef.”  I get the suspense factor, but she really made it linger and let him think for a split second he had won.  More drama to leave the brothers on stage.  Which they had been making it so obvious all season that is how it would end.
  10. They had the mom’s critic the chef’s food for one course.  That added no value to the show, especially since two of them had the same mom.

I think the season was too maneuvered toward a desired outcome.  They jumped the shark.  It was great while it lasted Top Chef, we’ll always have season three!


  1. jilly says:

    We wanted Kevin to win. But, alas, I am in a Top Chef pool every year, so I will continue to watch. I wonder if Padma will give birth to a chef?

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