One Stop Holiday Shop

Christmas, you just can’t sneak up on a girl like this. Hiding behind the next corner to jump out at me, not Cool! I am so far behind, and having to go to the office this weekend is not helping. I am doing all my shopping on Amazon this year. If they don’t have it, I am not buying it. Amazon is just far too easy ever since my friend gave me Amazon Prime. Free shopping or hoping in the car to go from store to store to find things only to learn they are out. No contest. Although it is becoming my new Target and Kohls*, but at least I pay right out of my checking and don’t let the debt rack up.
In the event Amazon was not there for me, I am positive I could get all my Christmas shopping done at Uncommon Goods. They have a gift for everyone on my list…
There is so much more, but you get it.  This almost covers it for me, well except maybe my mom and my father-in-law. My FIL generally buys himself a gift and we give him money. Eh whatever, he knows what he wants it, makes easy.
* Long ago I banned myself from Target as I would spend far too much on each visit.  Buying crap I did not need.  Then Kohls became my new Target.  Now Amazon.  I’ll have to watch because I NEED Amazon.