10 years Beyond Y2K

For about 6 years running we had a big New Year’s Eve party. Then everyone got busy with kids, new friends, and we changed traditions. This year we are celebrating at home with a few close friends. As I was preparing the bar I ran across a bottle of champagne we had everyone sign in 1999 embarking on Y2K. It appears not everyone signed, but here is who did…

Larry and Lori
Jo and Julie
Sheryl and Chris
Emiliana and Steve
Tony and Angie
Joan and Mike
Eric and Chris
Meg and PJ
Jacky and Jeff

The couples on the list, five are still together (one of them since married, another married but to someone else), two are divorced (one of them re-married), another couple since married but to other people, the other couple I have not the slightest idea who they are. Of the single people, one is married and one is getting close (I think), the third I have no clue anything about anymore.

The majority of the people on the list I am still friends with which makes me happy. Though I do not see them as often as I did ten years ago. Now I have a new great group friends that I have made over the past several years and they are just as great!

The consensus seems to be that 2009 blew, I concur. It is ending the same way, the entire pitcher of drinks I made just spilled. I am off to the store so I can make more.

Happy New Year!