Jillian Michaels, you Bitch!

I mean that with all due respect, your Wii workout has kicked my ass. I am sore from head to toe. Seriously, anything I drop has to be really valuable for me to dare bend over and to retrieve it. Ouch!
Getting fit and losing weight is one of my main focuses in the New Year. The past year has been over the top stressful. I have been medicating the stress with comfort food and tasty ales. I am at my heaviest non-pregnancy weight and it is beyond uncomfortable. My time has been so crunched I never find time to get to the gym or even workout at home. Working hard to change all that and refocus on my fitness.
I spent my free time the last week or so attempting to dig out the treadmill in the basement. Our basement is another story; we are one old TV away from being a great story for Hoarders. The disorganization of my house has created a whole new level of stress for me. Anyway, like I said another story. I dug out the Wii Fit as well last week. My daughter got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas (she likes the sport games on it), we lost the original Wii Fit long ago. It is almost identical to the original though it has the added feature of being able to group activities together to make a workout. I haven’t given that a try yet, this weekend I hope. I really like the boxing, gets your heart rate up, and the hula hoop is a good warm-up.
My friend recommended the Jillian Michaels workout, Santa brought me Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum. I have done it this week and I honestly cannot recall the last time I was this sore. It might be that time I tried to learn to snowboard. The workouts all start with a warm-up of running in place. Once you get over feeling like a total dork running in place in the living room it is ok. Then depending on what workout you choose a series of exercises, followed by a cool down.  The moves are easy to do and follow but there is a tutorial mode if needed that explains them.  It all focuses on using your own body rather then hand weights or other equipment.  Push ups, various sit ups, back leg kicks, water pull, sledge hammer swing.

It attempts to track your accuracy on the moves though I think you need a camera for some of them. It also tracks your workouts and your weight. There is a resolution option that you can choose goals and it sets a schedule that you have to stick to in order to be successful. It is even complete with her yelling at you! I like it so far and if my pain is any indication of how good it is, I would have to give it five stars. Now that I am back to using the Wii again, I need to polish up on my Guitar Hero skills too!  But first I need to tackle the aftermath of New Year’s Eve.  Why does our dishwasher always crap out at the holidays?


  1. Jacky Hackett says:

    I recommend it. Good family fun and an easy way to get in exercise with the little ones around.

  2. jilly says:

    I love the Wii. I gave Wii Fit to both my sister and my friend Jill for Christmas. My sister loves it. I personally, like the biggest loser better, but until my arm is back to itself again, I am on the bench. Did the dishwasher seriously decide to quit working now?

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