What is a resolution anyway?

I am late in the game as far as resolutions go, it has been a busy year already!
I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions, at least I don’t think I do. What is a resolution anyway? In the context on New Years it seems to be a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something. So I guess maybe I do make them, in a vague way. I do always have a general vision of things I want to accomplish over the year. It changes throughout the year and there are starts and stops, but I like the idea of a New Year, a clear starting point. This year more than ever being it is a new decade. The new decade coinciding with my forties. Bring it!
I have a very clear vision of how I want my life to look this time next year. That helps set the goals I need to accomplish that vision. Tackling those goals as a smaller set of tasks makes it more manageable. Setting aside specific time to accomplish those tasks ensures it happens. A fellow skater Poppy (ok SHE skates, I have been off skates far too long to be in that category) posts her charts of how she defines her time. These charts did not resonate with me at all when I first saw them. I thought it was kind of silly and far too rigid. Then I started giving a lot of thought to what I wanted to accomplish and how. My mind always went to these charts. It totally made sense, that could really work for me. Worth a try. Obviously my chart will look a bit different as we have different goals to accomplish.
The areas of focus for me are like a jigsaw puzzle, they all build to make one beautiful picture. Without one of them the picture is not complete. Realizing this was an important lesson for me this year. I have big strides to made in all these areas; work, family, fun, fitness, home. But I am already off to a great start and am confident this year has many great things in store for me.
Revive, reshape, restore – every area!
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