Spaceship, Baseball, AND Football

The three year-old is constantly telling tales of his very involved dealings with stories about his spaceship and all the adventures he has, his football team (he evens tells us when he has practice), and his baseball team. I delved into all of these topics with him a bit further.  Many details have been lacking up to this point.  Please note, to set the scene, he is dressed is his favorite Superhero outfit.  Superman, Indiana Jones, and Batman.

Me:  Tell me about your spaceship?

Him:  Nah. That was. That was. It crashed so I can’t tell you about it.
Me:  Tell me about your football team?
Him:  I don’t know what happened to Sam and Emerson. Sam and Emerson at the football team, they’re dead.
Me:  Tell me about your baseball team?
Him:  I don’t have it anymore.
Me:  Is there anything else you can tell me about?
Him:  No those are all the things I have.
Me:  Tell me something you did on your spaceship before it crashed?
Him:  We was driving too fast [makes zooming noises with whirling motions] and then we crashed [crashes himself on the floor].
Me:  Why don’t you have a baseball team anymore?
Him:  Because Sam and Emerson dead there, so I don’t have it. I just have my game.
Me:  What game?
Him:  My baseball game.
Me:  You said you did not have your baseball game.
Him:  I saw a crazy guy with two shoes on. I saw him.
Me:  Where?
Him:  At the baseball game. I saw him. It was pretty cool.
He then proceeds to sing Take me out to the Ballgame. When done with that, he asks “Would you like to play superheroes?”