Market and Museum

We checked out the Green City Market at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum today. Went thru the museum too while we were there. The market was really crowded, I’d prefer to go when it is not indoors. We didn’t get much, just apples and apple cider. The kids got a huge piece of egg pie (aka quiche) for lunch.

My daughter loves this museum, they go there at least once a year for school. The butterflies are her favorite!  This was the first visit for the rest of us.  Finn got a huge kick out of the ginormous stuffed polar bear.  He was pretty certain is was going to come after him.  He made sure to say goodbye to him when we left.  The kids had fun though there was not a ton to entertain the three year-old.  We did avoid the “hands on area”  which appeared to really just be in indoor incubation center for germs or a playground, whatever.  We avoided it, WAY too crowded.

I thought it was OK, I was expecting more.  We will have to check it out again in the summer, I think it has more to offer.  I would have to say I prefer the conservatory.