Double Feature

We re-joined Netflix and as a result have been watching a ton more movies. This week I even went to the theatre twice to see a movie. I don’t think I have done that since high school when there was no better or cheaper form of entertainment. Those were the days of John Hughes films and a local theatre that only charged $1. I am pretty certain I saw Say Anything and Some Kind of Wonderful at least 30 times each.
This week I saw Up in the Air and Sherlock Holmes. They both had this in common; the lead actor played his typical role. George Clooney was the single bachelor who happily avoided commitment and Robert Downey Jr. played the over the top crazy guy. Not a stretch for either of them. The men in Hollywood seem to be stereotyped into their roles these days at least more so than the women. I mean come on, did anyone doubt that Johnny Depp would be the lead in the upcoming Alice in Wonderland (which I can’t wait to see despite my strong dislike for Depp)?  Of course not, these roles are made for him. I think it might be more exciting to see one of the lead men take risk and try a role that differs from their past roles. The women in Hollywood seem to be taking those risks. Maybe they have to because of the small window of opportunity they have given the demands for younger stars.
At any rate, I really enjoyed both movies. I had no clue what Up in the Air was about going in, didn’t even know who was in it. I like seeing movie with no expectations, I usually have a better viewing experience that way. I am not a huge Clooney fan, but he did a great job in this movie. I wouldn’t say it is Academy Award worthy as some are saying, mostly because it was no stretch for him to play. Now, Jason Bateman I am a huge fan of, his role is small but he was great. The story was very pertinent to current economy. The really interesting things is that every person in the movie that talks about being laid off was actually talking about their personal experience.  They interviewed recently laid off people and included the interviews in the movie.  I found it a little depressing, not Clooney’s character really, though that was depressing too.  Though, it really got me thinking about next steps for myself. All I know for sure, I don’t ever want to be on either side of the desk in a layoff!
Sherlock Holmes was a surprise to me. I was not expecting his character to be portrayed as it was, or the storyline to follow what it did, and the violence that was something I least expected. I love Robert Downey Jr. so I am a bit biased, but I’d say it was a great movie. I was also surprised to learn Guy Richie directed it. I am just glad is no longer with Madonna, otherwise she may have been cast and that would have ruined it. While Downey’s role was his typical character, he played it as well as he always does. The ending was his typical ending as well, the perfect lead in to the sequel. I look forward to it. But in the meantime I am going to have to study Sherlock Holmes a bit, he is clearly not the man I thought he was. Oh yea, and get my Roku up and running so I can watch even MORE movies!

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