Time + Effort = Quality

If this equation holds true this dresser will be in the family for generations.  Though we all know I will be lucky if lasts long enough for the blisters on my hands to heal.
I literally put my blood, sweet, and tears into this goddamn lovely dresser for my sons room.  Only to get to step 500 to learn that step 4 was done wrong.  So I put my blood, sweat, and tears into re-doing 400 overcomplicated steps only to eventually correct the problem by breaking the decorative piece off below the bottom drawer.  The very drawer that has no bottom.  Some assembly workers cruel joke, as the box only included three of the four drawer bottoms.  It is unlikely my son will have use of his 4th drawer before he heads to college, that is just how it goes in my world of home improvement.
Thankfully I headed out the door to have dinner, I could sure use a cocktail!