You’re driving me to excess!

Or eat as the case may be.  You know when you have a really long day at the office or home with the kids?  Makes you just want to saddle up to some fattening comfort food and a tasty cocktail. Though in the back of your head you KNOW you should instead head to the gym and stick to a salad and seltzer for dinner. This I battle I know all too well this past year with everything on my plate. Both literally and figuratively.

As it turns out, a lack of willpower may not be to blame for overindulging in these unhealthy habits. In fact it appears that stress and overwork are a big factor. Literally the brain can’t handle it all.

…that the part of our brain that is most reasonable, rational and do-the-right-thing is easily toppled by the pull of raw sensual appetite, the lure of sweet. Knowing something is the right thing to do takes work — brain work — and our brains aren’t always up to that. read more 

This is yet another great reason to eliminate the stress in your life. It make your decision making that much easier. Give it a listen to the full story from Radiolab.

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