Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

To take a line from my husbands’ playbook. Today was a lucky day, even despite not getting a snow day. Well they did close my office early but I couldn’t wrap things up fast enough to take advantage of it. There was only about 6-8 inches of snow by the time I got home, not bad considering it had been snowing all day. It is still coming down, so more to come.  It has been awhile since we had a really big snow storm, we’ll see if this is the one.
Now for lucky part. I came home to a few surprise packages arriving. The first one was a Holiday Giveaway I won from a favorite site I follow, The Local Beet. That is where I found the beet hummus recipe. I ended up commenting on the recipe and became a winner. Yea, for me! I am the happy recipient of homemade tart cherry compote, strawberry jam, and grape jelly. They came from Chicago’s very own Monogramme Events and Catering owned by Melissa Graham (a favorite blog I subscribe to – I so admire the work she is involved in).  Homemade scones are a must this weekend to enjoy my prize.
Another package was an additional free copy of Seth Godin’s book Linchpin: Are you Indespensible?   I just about finished with the book and have been enjoying it so far, more on that when I’m finished.
OK the other packages were no winnings, as I paid cold hard cash for them  Always fun to get the packages though.  Added bonus, the bubbles kept the kids busy while they waited for dinner.


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