Check it Out – St. Patrick’s Day!

Learn Gaelic in time for St. Pat’s Day.  Rosetta Stone is offering a free trial of Irish Gaelic
Tired of green beer, check out these great cocktail ideas
Check out this unique liqueur, beautifully colored for the occasion.
Never fails someone spills green beer at dinner.  Check out this tablecloth that makes it part of the decor.
Looking for something else to eat beside corned beef and cabbage, check out this awesome fondue with Irish Cheddar and Guinness.  Delicious!

Going to stick with corned beef and cabbage, check out this cabbage dish with bacon.  Need I say more? 

Something more kid friendly?  Here is an easy no bake mac-n-cheese.  I Added green food coloring to it, the kids loved it!

Erin Go Bragh!

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