Green Green Beer is the new Green Beer!

Not that green beer, this green beer.
New Belgium Brewery is my favorite supplier of green beers. Last time we visited Colorado we took a tour of the brewery, loved learning their history and how environmental impact was heavily weighted in their decision making. Way back when green was not so mainstream and it resulted in more cost and more risk. Kudos to them, somehow makes the beer even tastier.

A few highlights I was impressed with: becoming the first wind powered brewery (by choice of the employees), using the methane from the beer production to create electricity on-site, sun tubes to brighten the space with few electrical fixtures,

A few of my favorite flavors: Skinny Dip, Biere de Mars, Sunshine Wheat, and of course Fat TireMothership Wit is another great variety; it is certified organic as well.  ONe I want to try is a collaboration beer, brewed with Elysian Brewing, The Trip II.

Instead of imbibing on a artificially dyed green beer today, try an environmentally friendly green beer instead. Here is an article on Green Beer 101, another debating if organic beer is worth the cost, and reviews on a dozen organic brews.  If you are looking for others to try take a look at this list of green beers to look for in your local store.  Give one a try today.