My Fifteen Seconds

Last year about this time I was picking up my first CSA share of meat from Cedar Valley Farms.  I was very excited to get started with this, but I wish I had been better prepared to be on film.  When I arrived a TV crew was there recording 190 North.  They interviewed and filmed everyone as they arrived.  Coming after my morning workout didn’t work so well in my favor.  If you watch real close you”ll catch me on the episode of 190 North featuring their farm.    My friend April was a lot more camera ready for her interview.
I still subscribe to this CSA and really really love it.  I appreciate it even more after seeing Food, Inc., which by the way if you have not seen it is a must watch movie.  If you are more up for more check the book I mentioned previously, In defense of Food.  


Anyway, back to the CSA, the meat tastes, well it tastes like meat.  Eating the pork chop was like traveling back in time to my childhood when we ate pork chops regularly.  They tasted like pork.  Ya know what I mean?  I guess over the years I forgot what real unedited meat actually tasted like.  The flavor has been slowly removed I hardly realized what I was missing.  The bacon is more bacon-y, the pork more pork flavored, the beef tender and tasty.  The eggs, well they are the most vibrant yolks I have ever seen.  Everything is just a better version of itself, and a million times better the meat and eggs at my local store.