Perfect Spring Cocktail, Easy As 1-2-3 {Pear Martini}

Here is a perfect cocktail for Spring, it is fresh and light with a light tint of green.  A  perfect match for the newly green grass and the blooming flowers.  Choose a pear in season, since pears have a long season you can enjoy this cocktail most of the year.

Pear Martini1 part Absolut Pear Vodka
1 part Pear juice*
Pear, sliced thin

1.  Chill glass by filling it  with crushed ice and water, let sit.

2.  Add vodka and pear juice to a shaker, top with crushed ice.  Shake until icy cold.

3.  Pour into chilled glass and garnish with a thin slice of pear.

Advance prep:  Mix up a big batch and chill.  Shake and pour when ready to enjoy.

* The only pear juice I could find in my grocery store was in the baby food section.  Is it wrong that should result in a cocktail?