Celebrate Every Day!

Don’t wait for a special occasion to celebrate, celebrate the every day things too.  It is generally a lot less hectic that way too, rather then waiting for an overblown, over-planned event.  We had a rare weekend with no plans on the calendar (well beside the usual weekend errands).  The weather was nice so we decided to grill, and we decided to treat ourselves to lobster tails.  I’d say having all to rare free time is reason enough to splurge.

Bobby Flay’s Boy Meets Grill is our go to resource for all grilling related meals.  It is truly one of the most useful cookbooks in the house.  We have tried at least 50% of the recipes and have yet to find we didn’t like.  In fact, Sunday night made another recipe from it as well, grilled flatbread.  It was easy, delicious, and the topping options are endless.  This cookbook covers the it with a huge variety of meat, seafood, side dish, dessert, and cocktail recipes.  Even if you aren’t going to grill the food it is still a great cookbook.  

We settled on lobster tails with curry mango butter.  Obviously lobster tails are an indulgence, not to mention they are not really in season.  But heck, in the end we spent less money then if we had gotten a sitter and went to a restaurant.  It was nice to have the time for slow purposeful cooking, and something we could make together.  The topping on the evening was we got to relax and enjoy it together since the the 9 year-old was out and the 3 year-old had eaten and was happily Entertained playing on the swing set.  We rounded out the menu with salad, roasted potatoes, garlic bread, and of course delicious wine.  (So I had to run a few extra miles in the morning, it was worth it.)  Time and money well spent; definitely a good celebration!

Flay has a few recipes with the compound butters, all the ones we have tried have been wonderful and versatile.  I mean you can hardly go wrong with butter no can you.  The curry mango butter in this recipe will be good to try on shrimp or corn on the cob.  Good thing, since we have at least a stick of it leftover.  Bobby Flay’s Burgers, Fries, and Shakes is another stellar cookbook, especially for Summer.  

Take some time to celebrate the ordinary in the every day!

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  1. jilly says:

    Could not agree more and that dinner looks fantastic!!! I have never tasted lobster tails, nor will I ever be able to, but they look fantastic. I have the burger and shakes one, I am going to pick up the other!

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