Tiger Woods of Air Travel

I hate flying, always have and always will.  The last time I flew to California I was completely unprepared, as I fully expected to just sit back watch a movie and read my book to fill in the remainder of the time.  To my shock the plane did have ANY on board entertainment.  This, in my opinion, should never be allowed and I have never flown that airline since.

Learning from this past experience, I decided to book our trip to CA on JetBlue.  Being a loyal Southwest flier I felt a bit like a cheater.  I admit I was seduced by the promise of large seats, extra leg room, in seat TVs with movies and Direct TV, satellite Radio, and endless snacks.  I am sure this how most affairs start, innocently enough.

Was it worth the betrayal?  Hell yes it was!  From the minute we boarded the plane it was a fabulous friendly experience.  Traveling with two cut kids always helps.  They got to go into the cockpit and sit in the pilot seat.  Thrilling for them, especially the three year-old.  This was essentially his first flying experience.  He has flown once before but he was a baby so it hardly counts.  We each sat with one of the kids, so they each got window seats (and we each got middles DOH).  The seats were large and the leg room plentiful.  On take-off the three year-old keep yelling to his sister in front of him to “hold on tight”.  Too cute!  He was gripping his arm rest and was too keen on looking out the window.  Though I did finally coax him to look out to see the snow capped mountains.  To which he says “Wow, that is amazing!”, I think he was impressed.  The nine year-old loved the view of the sunset and was in heaven listening to Radio Disney.  She even skipped the movie for it.  They both did great on the flight.  They were too excited to sleep, but of course the three year-old feel asleep the minute we landed.

Is it over between Southwest and I?  Hell No!  Mind you I can’t afford a flashy diamond ring to beg Southwest’s forgiveness, but I am flying them to San Francisco in a few weeks.  If that doesn’t prove my loyalty, nothing will.  Um, any podcast or movie recommendations for my flight?
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  1. jilly says:

    Oh it sounds awesome and like a great experience! For a movie recommendation I would suggest The Informant with Matt Damon. I have others of course, but I will email you :)

    Wonder if I would get preferential treatment if I flew with cute kids, are they for rent?

  2. Jacky Hackett says:

    Thanks! Please do email me more, I will need a few for the way there AND the way back. Only so much reading I can do without sleeping. Which I don't want to do on the flight. I highly recommend JetBlue, I don't you need the cute kids to get you preferential treatment!

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