Adventures in Legoland

We went to LegoLand for Spring Break this year.  Actually this is the first time I think I have ever been on a Spring Break.  Oh wait, I did go to Florida my freshman year of high school to visit my Aunt and Uncle.  My face got so burned it was all swollen the next day.  Back then that was considered a successful beach day.  Iodine in the baby oil, foil under the face, lemon juice in the hair.  Guess I have progressed too much as I came home form this trip with a sunburned face as well.  I learned the hard way that my new face lotion has no SPF.  Is that even legal these days?
Anyway, the LegoLand trip.  After a long wait in the airport we finally got to California.  We stayed in Long Beach near the airport the first night and headed down the Pacific Coast Highway to Carlsbad.  It was a beautiful drive.    Finally getting to LegoLand!  What a fun park, tons of rides, play areas, a good number of shows, and my favorite Miniland.
In Miniland they have recreated cities using legos, of course.  It is amazing!  They have New York City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Washington D.C., San Fransisco, and so much more.  Some of the displays were even performing, like the dj’s spinning records and the break dancers or the hoe down band on the farm.  I could have spent the whole day just walking through this part of the park and been happy.  The detail is amazing and obviously the builders had a lot of fun along the way…
A mugging in Central Park.

Police brutality captured by a tourists in New Orleans.

A pooper in Grand Central.  The three year-old spotted this one!

Little League World Series victory pile.

A hooker in NYC.  You will also notice, if you look real close, the two business men kissing behind her. 
And of course product placement!
Not in Miniland, but this cracked me up on the way out of the park…Lost Parents

I highly recommend Legoland, we went there two days and still not see the entire park.  Overall we had a fabulous trip, one of the best!

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