Moving on Up. Well, West to be Exact.

I have worked in the same building for the last 15 years, minus the two years I was working in New York. I never really thought much about the building beyond the fact it was easy to explain the location to people. But today I walked out of there for maybe the last time and I have to say it was a little sad. Granted some of the sadness comes from losing my spectacular view that includes Lake Michigan, Navy Pier, and the Chicago River.

My Desk View No More
OK it could have been worse; I could have been escorted out by security with my box of personal belongings. At least it didn’t go like that. They are moving us to a new building and we start on Monday. I excited with the change, though over the past few weeks have realized just how great a location and building I have been in these past fifteen years. The building we are moving from has no buildings surrounding it to obstruct views and better yet the sun. It was conveniently located for all types of shopping.
  • Tulips on Michigan Avenue every Spring
  • The homeless guy who asks me for money every single day
  • Pastoral, the best cheese store that was on my way to the train
  • My view from my desk
  • The Bar in the basement of the building
  • Dominick’s a block away
  • Trader Joe’s a few blocks away
  • Hannah’s Bretzel’s just across the river
  • Crazy random protests in the plaza
  • The couple in IL Center that fixes my husband’s watches
  • Walking through a movie filming
Oh and so much more. The only thing I definitely won’t miss, the tourists making a dead stop on the Michigan Avenue Bridge to pose for pictures. Seriously, the way I am going on you would think I was relocating cities. In reality I am only moving about six blocks west. And truth be told, I’d usually go most of the day before remembering to look outside and enjoy the view.
I truly am excited for the change and discovering everything the new building and surrounding neighborhood has to offer. Though something tells me I won’t have fifteen years to figure it all out.


  1. jilly says:

    Don't forget the CSI episode too! LOVE your old building, but I am sure you will find fantastic things about your new building too!

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