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Most days I bring my breakfast to work, but once in awhile I need to pick something up on my way.  Given the choice I would eat a Starbucks scone every day.  Though ever since my last trip to New York, where restaurants are required to display nutritional information, I can not enjoy a scone from Starbucks with a clear conscience.  I bought one, caught a glimpse of the nutritional information and then later threw the scone away.  I just could not do it, it was about one-third of my calories for the day.  It just hasn’t been the same since.  I am still not over it.
These days when I do need to grab something on the go I opt for an English muffin sandwich of some sort.  The Egg McMuffin (Canadian Bacon removed) was always an easy to find choice.  Then Starbucks came out with a good alternative, though I don’t really enjoy the bacon so I end up taking that off.  Now Subway has a a breakfast sandwich option too.  It is very similar to the Egg McMuffin, actually when I was in Subway getting one the first time the guy in front of me ordered an Egg McMuffin, they served without even noticing.   
The Subway sandwich is just as good as the Egg McMuffin.  I liked that I could get egg whites and could add additional vegetables if I wanted.  They also don’t use any type of oil or fat on it, they just run it threw the heating tray to cook.  Great option that doesn’t cost much more than $2 (or empty calories).  Good to know my options when in a pinch or when traveling, which is exactly what I am doing today.  Here is how the three compare nutritionally.
When I was tracking down the nutritional information on the websites it did not surprise me that Subway has a link right on their main menu,  Starbucks has it just one additional click away, and McDonald’s nutrition link was hidden out of site.  I had to use the site search to find it.

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  1. jilly says:

    Hey! Hope you guys are having fun! Scott and I tried the Subway breakfast sandwich a couple of weeks ago, and maybe it was just our Subway, but we both thought they were gross! And if I was in NY I would have egg and cheese on a roll and been tickled pink. Have you tried the new BK one yet? I bring my breakfast every morning too which I prefer, but man, an egg and cheese on a roll or a NY bagel, man, you can't go wrong.

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