Call in the Professionals

Remember that fabulous dresser I built?  It finally has four drawers that work.  It did indeed take me that long to order the missing part and complete the drawer.  This is precisely why it pays to hire experts.  
Speaking of, we landscaped our yard.  It is almost done, I will post before and after pictures when it is complete.  Every year we invest countless trips to the nursery, hours digging in the dirt, gallons of water, and far too much of our weekend not enjoying ourselves.  In the end the return on investment is minimal.  Stuff dies, the plan never quite comes to fruition, we give up.  We have been talking about doing something more with the landscaping and patio for years.  Even after all the work we were never getting close to the final plan.  Oh and we took out the sidewalk in our back yard over ten years ago.  We’ve been meaning to replace it to avoid wearing a path in the yard every Summer.
This year we bit the bullet and paid professionals.  It was a splurge obviously, but I am glad we made the decision.  We like to think of these things as investments.  We spend a lot of time enjoying our yard throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall so it is money well spent.  Besides, to quote my neighbor (who made a similar investment at the same  time), “The only beer garden we can afford to go to this Summer is our yard.”  Fine by us, we love it!


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