Time Out

My body and I have been at odds with each other, today I gave myself a time out.
The last month or so I have been feeling really run down. I have been even been falling asleep on the ‘L’ ride both to and from work. I have not done that in probably 15 years. I am sore from my brain to my toes. You know how you feel the morning after taking Nyquil? Groggy, shaky muscles, like you are too heavy to lift yourself out of bed. Just an overall feeling of exhaustion. Well that is at least how I feel after I take – which is why I never take it. I have been fighting that feeling for awhile now. My sleep is low quality in low quantity. 
Today it seemed to all catch up with me. I knew I would be useless at work and didn’t have the energy to even go through the motions. No point in that. I called in for a much needed sick day.
Here is how I spent it…
Daughter off to school
Café au lait
Son off to school
Short run
Get daughter from school
Lounge on front porch
and now I am off to bed!
Not bad for a hump day.  I tried to make the most of the day with the emphasis on resting. I hit a good balance.  I just wish it had made me feel better. 
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