Top 10 Travel Tips

  1. A is before B.
  2. 5 is before 31.
  3. If you snore, or even suspect you snore, do not sleep on a airplane.
  4. Farting in an large metal box in the sky is beyond disgusting.
  5. Choosing to snore and fart?  Expect things will be thrown at you.  Like my fist.
  6. If you are unable to lift your luggage, do not carry it onto the plane.
  7. Nagging your husband for 4 hours straight is inconsiderate to all passengers.
  8. If you have a weak bladder, please skip the view and sit in the aisle.
  9. If a flight attendant says ‘help yourself’ they don’t actually mean take half the snacks.
  10. If the pace of deplaning is too fast for you, sit back and wait until the crowd clears.