The Best Laid Plans…

Yep, they went awry! All for the better though. School is out for the summer and we were looking forward to kicking the first weekend off with no plans. I always look forward to a weekend with nothing planned, they are so rare. My only goals for the weekend were to get in my training runs and get to the farmer’s market. Our weekend of nothing quickly turned into an unexpected fun filled weekend.
It all started with a nap Friday after work. The only problem, I missed the new farmer’s market that was kicking off in the next town. After recovering from the nap I took the kids to a book release for local author and neighbor. I have wanted to get her books for awhile and buying the kids new books was a good start to summer. Plans for Saturday included my daughter’s softball game. The rain put an end to those plans. It also put an end to my plans of going to the farmer’s market. That leaves me 0-2 on the farmers market for the weekend, oh well I will have to hit up Daley Plaza on Thursday. I did manage to get my run in, at the height of the days heat and humidity (yuck). Saturday night we had grand visions of nothing to do. An impromptu invite to head down the street and play cards quickly changed that. We always fun with these friends and figured why not. Fun time, even if I lose money more than not.
Sunday again nothing planned, we thought maybe we would check out the zoo after I went for a quick run. The weather was just about perfect, sunny and cool. An early morning call brought us an offer for Sox tickets from my brother-in-law. We lean to the North side when it comes to Chicago baseball, but figured it was a beautiful day for any ballgame. Besides it would be the first major league game for the three-year old, at least that he’ll remember. The weather was gorgeous, the seats awesome, and it was an exciting from behind win for the Sox. Even despite the random downpours of rain it was a great day. The Sox even provided some great teaching moments for the 9 year-old. Always call the ball, this will avoid the first base man falling over the second baseman and dropping an easy pop-up and over-confidence (i.e. swagger) can lead to a fumbled ball and a missed easy out. I love the little things about the game that resemble little league, like when a man is left on base and hit closest fielder brings him his mitt and hat. Love that gesture of team work. 
Though the crowd is my favorite part of the game.  For instance the high school girls behind us trying to figure out if professional baseball teams ever practiced or the boys in front of us playing the dollar game. No matter the team or the park, I always love the ball game experience!
We got home with time for me to check out the Constructor Craft Fair and the husband to watch the Hawks game with friends. The Hawks win was an added bonus.  
Even the best laid plans can’t guarantee a great weekend like this past weekend. Unscheduled fun is often the best kind!
Obviously not really Finn, he would not tolerate the dirt.
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