Garden Growth

I have been anxiously awaiting gardening season for awhile and I am so happy it is finally here.  The weather has been sunny and cool with a few good rain showers thrown in.  I’ll take it.  We expanded the garden a bit during the yard makeover, not a ton of room but any space helps.  The oak tree got incorporated into the garden space.  Assuming it survives the transplant and grows it may require a relocation due to the shade it will provide.  But we will deal with that when the time comes.
The garden planting is about done.  I have a few plants that were transplanted into the bed that I may move and I need to get a marigold border in.  I am debating moving around some of the vegetables I planted, without fail I always plant stuff too close together.  In the garden I went with three varieties of tomatoes, leeks, red cabbage, salsa peppers, strawberries, and of course the always present (overgrown) chives.  In the pots I planted arugula, apple mint, Greek oregano, basil, and french tarragon.  Loving the arugula, can’t believe I have never planted this before.  We have already enjoyed a few delicious salads with the greens and herbs.   This arugula salad recipe really turned me onto the flavor of arugula.  Throw in onto a freshly backed pizza crust and season with sea salt for a fabulous summer dinner.