Farmer’s Market with a CSA Chaser

I finally got to a farmer’s market this season!  I was in search of radishes and possibly some garlic scapes.  There was not a ton of produce, most of the market was herbs, vegetable plants for the garden, and flowers.  Oh and of course baked goods.  What is it about farmer’s markets that they must sell baked goods, it is like buttery treats must be in direct proportion to healthy greens.  But I digress.  Forgot, there were strawberries too.  The scent of them, I could of stood there all day.  I was tempted to get some, but knew they would be in rough shape once I got them home.  The beets were tempting too.
Instead of the garlic scapes I got a delicious lunch, but I did go home with two bundles of spicy long radishes.  I am dying to make some yummy radish sandwiches.  They sound peculiar, but they are truly delicious.  The sweet butter, the spicy crisp radish, the chewy bread, all top with sea salt.  It really is a flavorful treat that is perfect for a hot summer night.  Here is how I make them…
Radish and Butter Sandwich
1 bunch of radishes, with greens
Butter, room temperature
Baguette, sliced
Sea salt

Cut greens off radishes and set aside.
Cover radishes with water in a bowl, add about 6 ice cubes and store in fridge for an hour.
Toast baguette slices under broiler about 1 minute per side, let cool.
Spread butter on baguette slice, top with thinly sliced radish greens
Slice radishes very thin, place a few on each baguette
Top with salt, or serve with small dish of salt for people to add to taste

I am going to make these for a party in the park after my daughter’s softball game tomorrow night.  We’ll see if people are scared off by them or if they enjoy them as much as I do.  I am going to pickle any leftover radishes, this recipelooks perfect.My vegetable CSA started tonight too, bonus!  The load was light; bok choy, mushrooms, a few garlic scapes, butter lettuce, red lettuce, baby spinach, carrots, rhubarb, and some green that I could not identify.  Plus a dozen eggs.

Off to figure out how to put these to use this week.

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