Blowin’ in the Wind

We got a bad storm in Chicago this afternoon.  The kids and I spent it on the front porch.  Something I always did as a kid, I love me them summer thunderstorms.  We were marveling at how the trees just sway in the wind rather than snapping in half.  Ours are so young they were literary parallel to the ground.  I had my eye on the weather report on my phone when this came in from work…

We have returned to our office Fortunately everyone is safe. The wind swayed the building enough to shatter one of the revolving doors.

Um, buildings swaying not so cool to me.  I am slightly comforted reading that windows blew out of the Sears Willis Tower too.  At least cheap new construction wasn’t to blame.  I was almost doubting my decision to take today off.  Boy am I glad I was not there for that!