Summer Reading Update

The weather in the evenings have been perfect for sitting on the front porch and reading.  My daughter and I have been trying to do this every night.  As part of the library reading challenge she needs to get in 30 minutes of reading each day.  As a result I am halfway through my summer reading list

Orange Is The New Black
My Year in a Women’s Prison
By Piper KermanCompleted!  This book kicked off summer.  I wrote my thoughts here.
Cocktails for Three
By Madeleine WickhamCompleted!  I went into this book expecting an ultra fluff read (not a bad thing).  In the end I found a solid story about friendship between three women.  A good read, would have been better on the beach, but my front porch had to do.


By Jason Fried and David Heinemeier HanssonCompleted!  This goes beyond a business book and can really be applied to anything you are pursuing.  I LOVE how the book is written, it gets directly to the point without all the filler crap.  Here is a great list of snippets sent to me.  A good list to revisit often.

The Year of Magical Thinking
By Joan DidionAdded!  This caught my eye last time I was in the book store and couldn’t resist buying it.  I just got started on this book, but from the first pages it is anything but a lighthearted beach read.


  1. jilly says:

    I have been going through about a book a week lately, I love Summer Reading. Do you have The Help on your list, I highly recommend it and would send it to you, but after I read it Scott did, then his mom, now my mom and then my sister is next. But it is SO good!

  2. Jacky Hackett says:

    I do have that on my list. It is a hard book to borrow, as it gets snatched up quickly when someone is done with it. Aiming to get my hands on a copy for our beach trip in August.

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