FACEBOOK – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

T H E  G O O D
  1. U N E X P E C T E D. A random hello from someone I haven’t seen in awhile.
  2. E X E R C I S E. Keeping my brain fit with Scrabble aka Lexulous.
  3. K E E P I N G U P. Short bursts of communication beats no communication at all. Most weeks it is the only connection I have with family and friends.
  4. K. I. S. S.  Does it get any easier than the Like link?  Sure it is easy to lose many hours delving into Facebook, but on the flip side you are also one quick click away from from saying “hey cool post thanks for sharing it”.
  5. H A P P I N E S S. At the core Facebook is stress free lighthearted fun. I laugh a lot, I learn some stuff, I communicate with people that I normally couldn’t in the course of my day.  Life’s too short, have some fun!
T H E  B A D
  1. M U N D A N E. The ritualistic morning updates regarding the need\want\love of morning coffee. We get it, you need\want\love coffee. Don’t people bore themselves with the same morning status? For real, have you not caught onto the Starbucks trend or perhaps you have heard the ‘America Runs on Dunkin’ commercials? Um yea, coffee is the second most popular drink behind water. There is nothing unique or interesting about your need\want\love coffee. Particularly when you do it every morning.
  2. B R O K E N  R E C O R D. Repetitiveness as a rule is bad. Especially when it is to the point that a person’s status update can be predicated.
  3. O N E  U P P E R. Everyone is busy, but there is always that one person who has to prove to the world they are busier than anyone and everyone. They have the weight of the world on their shoulders and yet have time to time to tell you about on Facebook a few times throughout the day?  Honestly, you can’t be THAT busy.
  4. B A I T  A N D  S W I T C H. People that friend you as a friend and then stalk you as a telemarketer. Get a business page, keep it separate. You are not only losing customers you are losing friends.
  5. A U D I B L E. Constantly heaving a heavy sigh.  Generally they are book ended in special characters.  The audible is generally a repeat offender of all of the above. 

T H E  U G L Y

A daily status resembling: Another day of selling widgets (BTW who needs em? email me!!!!) has me juggling a million items on my to-do list, never enough time, need coffee stat! **SIGH**.

I hate to end on a negative note but so goes the saying.