Photo Op

Great EveningI am happy to learn this past weekend that a photo of mine is included in the latest Schmap Chicago GuideSchmap is a digital travel guide that provides a mashup of maps, photos, tweets, and reviews.  The site makes it easy to find and print all the info you’ll need for traveling to a different city or discover new things in your own city.  The mobile version works is a great option too.  the site it pretty sweet.
My photo was included in the Chicago Guide Arts and Entertainment section as one of the photos for the Chicago Theatre.  


  1. jilly says:

    That is so cool, and to think, I knew her when. . . very fun! Congrats on the race! Our friends Mike and Mellissa were in Chicago this past weekend and said the weather was perfect.

  2. LSC says:

    Funny. One of my pictures of a giant Sahuaro Cactus was published at schmaps Tucson in the Sabino Canyon section. They must pull them off of flickr – eh?

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