Proactive Cooking

In an attempt to keep up with the vegetable supply, I did some cooking tonight.  I still have most of last weeks CSA bag, some of the week before, and we’ll be getting another this week.  Then there is the stuff from the garden.  I needed to make room and more importantly avoid good food going bad.  Here is what I managed…
Pickled some cucumbers, both green and white.  Threw in some hot peppers from the garden.  I had Fannie Farmer out, so I am giving the bread and butter pickle recipe a try.  Looks interesting, it calls for brown sugar and ground clove.
Pickled red cabbage from the garden.  This will go in the freezer for the fall when I attempt sauerbraten.  The smell of this cooking is delicious!
I blanched squash and carrots to freeze.  These will be good in a winter soup.  I also shredded some zucchini to throw in some recipes.
  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying checking out yours, too 🙂 Looks like you have a pile of veggies there! We've been growing a lot of our own food these last two years so I feel your pain. Just picked a huge basket of apples this morning because the birds were getting them, and I still have three big boxes of pears to do something with. Yikes. I noticed you're making pickles. I found a great recipe last year on someone's blog for freezer pickles. Let me know if you want the link. We made probably 10 jars last year and they were the first thing to disappear from our freezer. Happy cooking and running 🙂

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