Extra Credit Reading

Summer is coming to end far too quickly!  I have completed almost all of my summer reads.  I FINALLY got my library card renewed so I can stop buying books, as much as  I love to.  Before we headed to vacation I grabbed a few books from the library, which means I may need to hold off finishing some of the books I had pegged for summer until fall.  Denial is keeping me from compiling my fall list just yet, I want to hold onto summer as long as I can!
The Guy Not Taken
By Jennifer Weiner

Completed!  OK, this is where I should HAVE judge the book by it’s cover.  I grabbed this book from the library based on how much i liked the author’s other books.  Seemed to be perfect easy reading for a week at the  beach.  How wrong was I!  Took me awhile to realize it was a collection of short stories, my LEAST favorite reading.  I just need more a commitment from the characters!

Forever: A Novel
By Pete Hamill

Reading!  Grabbed this from the library too, my sister’s recommended it.  I didn’t bring it on vacation, the spine is in bad shape and I did not want to destroy it any further.  Regret that decision, it is great so far!


  1. jilly says:

    So. . .I was trying to think of something to get Scott for his birthday, and I decided to look into The Nook, I am sold, in fact I think I am getting one for each of us. You can check out books on it from our library, for free, and you don't even have to go there!

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