Sailing, Sailing Away…

Tall ShipThis past winter we “won” a private sailing trip on Lake Michigan.  “Won” as in we were the highest bidders on the item at a charity auction, we won by signing a check over to a great local cause.  We did this a few years back and had such a great time.  It is the perfect opportunity to get enjoy the lakefront from a sailboat, something we would not ordinarily be able to do.  
The trip this year was even better.  We had a perfect day!  Minus the fact I almost threw up twice and felt pretty nauseous the majority of the time.  It did eventually pass though thankfully.  There was not a cloud in the sky, the water was relatively calm, the air temperature was not too hot or cool, we were with great friends, the boat was large and beautiful, and we had an awesome captain.  A few of us went for a swim. Such a bummer I left my suit in Michigan a few weeks back, a swim in the cool waters surely would have made me feel better.  We even got glimpse of the Tall Ships that are currently making a stop in Chicago.
Being on a boat in Lake Michigan is such a great way to enjoy the skyline, especially at dusk.  We are lucky in Chicago to have primarily recreational shoreline, rather than an industrial one.  Our captain told us that in fifteen years of auctioning off a trip on her boat, we are the first group to follow through.  What the what, why would you not?  I guess I am not quite that philanthropic, I wasn’t going to let this purchase go to waste!

Sailing Trip!  
Thumbs Up!

The trip ended with a splash when, in an attempt to help dock the boat, one of us fell in the water in the slip.  Lucky for him he was still in his swim suit, and my husband was near enough for him to hang onto his hand to avoid going completely under the greasy water.  Nearby boaters enjoying dinner on the dock ran over to help him out.  A comical ending to a fabulous day!