Obsessed Much?

Breaking the blogging about lunch rule again.  And it is about XOCO. Again.  What can I say, it so worthy.  What I enjoy the most about the new location of my office, beside the shortened commute, is being a block from the Rick Bayless restaurants.  Particularly XOCO.  I met my husband for a wonderful lunch.  We got there early and had no line, by the time we were eating the line was out the door.  If you haven’t been there yet you need to.


We started with chips and salsa.  The red 3-chile salsa has a smoky flavor, the green tomatillo salsa is tangy and spicy.  The chips are light and salty.  Delicious to snack on while waiting for our tortas.


We went splitzies on the tortas.  He picked the Choriquesdo.  Homemade chorizo, roasted poblanos, jack cheese and more of the tomatillo salsa all on the delicious baguette like bread.  It was rich with a flavorful spiciness to it.


I reluctantly ordered the special, fearing I would regret not going with the Ahogada torta.  No chance!  My choice was delicious.  Lime marinated pork, with yellow tomatoes (grown on the rooftop of Frontera Grill next door), avocado, lettuce, cilantro crema, and a side of habanero salsa.  I was warned by the cashier and the server how it was.  Yikes, they were right.  A little went a long way!


No dessert this visit.  But having Rick Bayless himself walk by our table and hangout sampling the sauces and chatting it up with the chefs (of course I HAD to take a pic) was sweet ending!


  1. kT says:

    Interesting. I haven't been there yet. Maybe ditch your husband and take your employee instead next time? 😉

    My treat!

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