I want you to want me.

I want you to want me TO WIN!!!

The Marathon Miss Fit blog is having a Chicago Half Marathon Kick off Song Contest and I have entered!  The winner gets to select the song to be played at the beginning of the race and get a shout-out to the crowd on race day.  How cool would that be!
This is serious stuff.  Especailly given the race regulation that participants are not allowed to wear headphones.  I put out a call for help requesting someone to run next to me with a boom box, but so far I have no takers.  If I win, at least I could get hear one awesome song to pump be up.  I am super excited, but equally as nervous since my goal is to beat my time from the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.  This would be a fun boost on race day!
To VOTE.  Go to the contest and leave a comment to indicate you want to vote for me, simply “I vote for Jacky”.  The winner will be announced on Friday so there is not much time.
I am still vetting me song selection, I’m open to suggestions.  But I have to win to first.  Get on over to vote, you don’t want me Feelin’ all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin’ now do you?

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