Really, really, ridiculously good!

I became a huge fan of gelato when we were in Rome when I was pregnant with the ten year-old.  I had it every day while we were there and then enjoyed it throughout the pregnancy.  Had a huge taste for some tonight, gelato places have been popping up in the neighborhood over the past few years so there plenty of places to pick from.  Decided to check out Paciugo for the first time.

I got a gelato trio of Mediterranean sea salt caramel, chocolate Mediterranean sea salt caramel, and maple caramelized bacon.  It was messy to get home but worth it, they were all ridiculously delicious.  The Mediterranean sea salt caramel was my favorite, perfect blend of sweet and salty.  A tasty ending to a great weekend.


  1. kT says:

    nate and i went to one by us – he got a sweet corn one, it was interesting to say the least. in the two times we've gone i have always gotten the bacon gelato. what can i say? i'm a sucker for bacon…

  2. Jacky Hackett says:

    The bacon tasted good, but I though the bacon bits were too chewy. Next time I want to try the one with chipotle in it.

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