Friday Night Lights

I took a little trip down memory lane this past Friday night.  Went to go check out my high school’s football game.  I actually didn’t go to many high school football games back in the day, my field hockey schedule always conflicted.   I’ve only been back to the stadium a few times since high school, once to watch the oldest play lacrosse and another to watch him graduate.  Let me tell you things have certainly changed over the past 20 or so years.  For one, they paved paradise to put up a parking lot!  The field hockey field I played on is now a parking lot, they ended up with a new field with turf across the street the street.  All for the better.  But that is beside the point.
imageThe football games have REALLY changed.  The field was upgrade to turf awhile back.  Then after many heated debates they got lights last year and soon to follow, Friday night football games.  Other high schools in the league had those in their schedule, and we always had so much fun when we got to attend.  A few of us went to check out a game last weekend and it was a fun start to a girls night out.
Other changes?  They have bright orange uniforms, both pants and shirts, minor stuff.  There were wrestlers in their uniform singlets (not an adolescent boys best friend) shooting t-shirts into the crowd with a sling shot.  My friends son asked “why are they using the old fashioned way”, I think he was looking for the t-shirt gun.  Makes me laugh to think what Gary Olsen would think of this gimmick.
They also have a marching band.  And flag girls, not sure if that is the proper name.  The marching band sat in the stands during the game and encouraged cheers from the student section.  They put on a good halftime show.  The halftime show didn’t change too much, it still included the drill team.  Though they did not seem any where as good as they were back in the day.  But then does anything.
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