Halloween Costumes Aplenty

Another successful Hackoween is behind us.  Hackoween is our version of a Halloween party with about 130 people in attendance throughout the evening.  Halloween is so anticlimactic after that, or maybe it is exhaustion.  This was our 10th annual!  As in years past, the costumes did not disappoint!
There were the Mad Men…

Mad Men 
Snookie and The Situation showed up…

Snooki and Situation 
We had Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons…

Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons
In fact, we had two! Crazy I know…

Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons x2 
There was Mayhem…

An interesting couple, Lady GaGa and Shaun White…

Lady Gaga and Shaun White 
Even some super Sesame Street characters were also in attendance.

My husband and I were “Bernie”, as the four year-old dubbed us. I have got to stop letting him read the tabloid magazines!


These are just a handful of the great costumes we had, so many more pictures.


  1. Biz says:

    That is too fun!! I actually just won my office Halloween party – not so much for my costume but my goodie bags took me over the top with homemade chocolate chip/toffee cookies and sugar cookies 😀

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