Christmas is in the Air

BatmanNovember, I am not ready for your arrival.  Christmas, not even on my radar.  Though November 1st brings the Christmas music to the radio non stop until after the holidays.  My husband loves this, I think it should be illegal to play it until after Thanksgiving.  The dinner music last night tells you where the youngest kids stand on this issue.
Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells, in the vain of Batman smells…

Jingle Bells
Finnegan Smells
Meaghan laid an Egg
The Mom-mobile Lost a Wheel
And Dad did ballet


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  1. Biz says:

    Me and your husband would get along nicely – and thanks for the reminder about the Christmas music!!

    I have a tad bit of a snowman collection – but my husband won't let me put them out until at least December 1 (if it were up to him maybe the day of Christmas) and everything Christmas comes down on New Years Day.

    I am loving our weather though – feels like field hockey weather!

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