Sweet Victory

Got my run on again in the Hot Chocolate 15K. I haven’t done much running since my last half-marathon so I wasn’t as prepared as I wanted to be. I was slow going; I don’t think I passed one single person on the course which really messed with my Frogger strategy. Instead I just focused on keeping my arm pumping so my legs would follow. It was a beautiful morning on the lakefront for a run. For November in Chicago, 40 degrees and sunny with no wind is near perfect running conditions.  I am sure I looked awkward and pained to onlookers.  Actually It wasn’t really all that bad, mentally or physically.  The fact I could go in and say “it’s only 9 miles” says something.  So while I may not have run it at a great pace but the fact that I showed up and completed the 9.3 miles is victory in itself.
Getting out there really did feel great. I have not been making time to run or exercise. This run and the time change are just what I need to get back on track.
And this concludes my 2010 race season!

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