November Reading Update

I am making some progress on my fall reading list, which is good news since the pile of books on my nightstand could knock me out if they fell on me in my sleep.  Though I have gotten a bit off track, throwing in a few extra books. Here’s what I’ve read…
  The Mesh:  Why the Future of Business is Sharing
by Lisa GanskyCompleted!

I hope Lisa is correct on sharing being the future of business.  Everyone wins in this scenario, the consumer, the business, and the earth.  I enjoyed this book and became familiar with a bunch of new businesses on that I will be utilizing.

  Arm Candy
by Jill KargmanCompleted!

I won this book in a recent giveaway.  This a fun read about a women hitting her 40th birthday and reevaluating her seemingly perfect life.  Each chapter kicks off with a great quote about getting older.  A good quick read with substance.

 Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird
by Harper LeeReading

I love this book!  We recently saw this play at the Steppenwolf, it was so well done.  I had hoped to re-read this book before we saw it but didn’t fit it in.  I am halfway through the book and am enjoying despite having read probably five other times.

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