A Chile & A Spoon Challenge


I am always up for a challenge and a chance for working with new ingredients.  Especially will the lure of some delicious prices.  Marx Foods is sponsoring a blogger recipe challenge, A Chile & A Spoon and I got picked to participate.  Yippee!
I got my chile sampler and instructions in the mail and I am working on ideas for what I will make.  The challenge is to submit a recipe using one type of chile, the dish should be eaten with a spoon.  Here is what I was in the package; Organic Aji Cereza Chilies, Japones Chilies, De Arbol Chilies, Habanero Chilies, Pasilla Negro Chilies, and Guajillo chilies. 

Most of these chilies are new to me so I am working on some ideas based on flavor descriptions and heat index for each.  Chili is an obvious choice so maybe a corn pudding or a salsa (pumpkin chipotle?), or I could continue my own personal challenge to conquer Indian cuisine.  This chile helped finalize my decision.

Entries are due November 28th, entries will be posted on their site starting November 30th and voting ends December 6th.  The long weekend gives me some time to get going on it and get some photos.  Even if my camera did destroy my memory card with the last few months of pictures on it. :(

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