Feed a Cold

I am have been a bit under the weather this week.  Fighting hard against a cold and am slowly losing the  battle.  Despite having brought a salad for lunch I decided to track down the Meatbally Mobile.  It’s feed a cold right?  They were less than a mile from my office, not too bad considering temperatures were in the sixties.  It had rained all morning, so the line was short.
They offer a variety of meatball sandwiches from the standard meatball (with a little truffle oil thrown in) to the farfetched bull’s testicles.  I went somewhere in the middle and ordered a Thai’d Balls, turkey, coconut milk. Thai chili sauce, sweet peppers.  I am sucker for anything will coconut milk in it especially when it is spiced. up.  I got some of the truffle dusted chips too, even though I am not much for potato chips.  
No fancy packing, which is fine by me.
The sandwiches are HUGE, especially given the price.  Again, fine by me.
The turkey was very tender, a great texture, and the sauce was delicious.  Though I was expecting it to be spicy, so I would preferred a lot more heat.  An EPIC lunch.  Oh and he was so nice and friendly, wish I had chatted a bit more with him.
There is something about a full belly that just makes me feel better.  Good thing our national eating holiday is upon us.  So another food truck down, on to the next one.  Though I TOTALLY missed that they had chocolate salty balls on the menu, now I have to go back to try those!