Thanksgiving Thanks

An editorial I read last year toasting the unexpected in our lives has really stuck with me, especially today on Thanksgiving.

“It will never cease to surprise how the condition of being human means we cannot foretell with any accuracy what next Thanksgiving will bring. We can hope and imagine, and we can fear. But when next Thanksgiving rolls around, we’ll have to take account again, as we do today, of how the unexpected has shaped our lives. That will mean accounting for how it has enriched us, blessed us, with suffering as much as with joy.”  read more

A thankful day for me, it started with a beautiful walk on the beach, despite the misty wet weather.  I even found lots of great beach glass.  Spent a lazy day lounging and watching football, playing with the kids.  It will end with a great meal with family and a friend.
I am especially thankful to have all my kids with me to enjoy the day.  Hope everyone has a thankful Thanksgiving Day!

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