We sure do miss our pooch, this is the first time in ten years she won’t be there for Christmas.  Which for my youngest makes it the first Christmas without her. They have been asking a lot lately for a new dog.  Now they are working the Santa angle tt.  But since neither of them thought to put it on their official letter to Santa I have informed them Santa won’t be bringing us a dog.  The four year-old has decided on a little brother instead.  Even less likely to happen.  Truth be told we almost did go through with a dog adoption last week, but thought better of it at the last minute.  Maybe in the spring when it is not so flipping cold for walks.

Today PetSugar shared a slide show of dog’s dressed as a Santa.  Check out the Doggone impostors,  a photo of our dog from a few years ago is the first photo!  

Santa Dog 
This might be a sign.  If it is, I will chose to ignore it.  For now.


  1. Biz says:

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Jacky! Sorry your pup isn't with you this Christmas – our black lab is going on 11 years old and has been slowing down – so sad to see!

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