Speed Demon

January is a terrible time of year to kick off running resolutions.  Brrr!!  if only they had indoor races.  One of my 11 in ’11 was to run a race every month.  Saturday  was my first race, the Frosty 5k.

I started off with lots of speed.  Too bad it was 47 in a 35 MPH zone.  Oops, who knew that stretch of Harlem went from 40 to 35.  The cop was nice enough to send me on my way with a warning.  The rush of adrenaline must of done me some good though, I ran at a pace I have not seen since about 2006.  It felt great too!  The 5K distance is deceiving, it seems short and easy, but the fact that it is short means there is no saving your speed for the end.  You have to give it your all the whole race.  There was about 250 people running, temps were around 25 degrees and no sun.  Luckily it started a block from the Park District building so the time outside pre-race was short.  The post race festivities were complete with soup, minestrone and pasta fagioli.  I thought that was a great idea.  Great start to the race schedule.

Yikes, I think the gal I asked to take a photo zoomed in.

We tried out the first card in the dinner deck at Crust for pizza.  It was very good, the Crust as the name is all about was chewy and crisp.  We were there early and they were super kid friendly.  The four year-old ate an entire 10″ pizza.  He has NEVER done that, endorsement enough.  The pizza, and ruby red grapefruit martini, was just what I needed to refuel!