{Check it Out} All Over the Place

I’m all over the places today, just a few things that have caught my eye…

If you still haven’t gotten a calendar for the year, check out these creative printable calendars

On the topic of the new year, likely you set some goals or resolutions.  Check out this smart approach to achieving the goals you’ve set.

Love foodie sites, check out Fine, a new foodie site with new look at restaurants and the intimate details of dining and wining with an added focus on the restaurant’s design.  A refreshing perspective and I also happen to think the creator of the site, Harlene, is pretty amazing too.

Hate washing cups after a party, but hate filling the landfill even more?  Check out these edible cups.  How fun would these be at a party!

Stuck indoors with the kids, check out these easy to make bird feeders.

Happy clicking!

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