Chicago woke up to a deep freeze this morning, wind chills of 20 below zero and actual temperatures in the single digits.  Check out this picture of the lake, brrr just makes me cold looking at it.  Definitely a day to work at home and skip the chilly commute.  One of the advantages of working from home is I get an early than normal start which allows me to take some time out to make myself breakfast.  Firing up the oven is always welcome in this chilly weather so I tried out some baked eggs, well really they are broiled.
I lined a greased ramekin with a slice of turkey, topped it with sliced tomatoes and salsa (chipotle pumpkin salsa of course).
Cracked an egg into the ramekin, topped it with some cheese, salt and pepper to taste and broiled it on high for about five minutes.

Another great thing about working at home?  Fresh hot coffee instead of an empty carafe.

Submitted to Friday Firsts and BSI Salsa and Mom’s Crazy Cooking


  1. Christina says:

    Another Chicago blogger! Hello! 🙂

    I have never baked an egg, well besides in a quiche I don't think? This looks like a great breakfast to start the day! Thanks for sharing with Friday Firsts!

  2. Tami says:

    I found you through Dinner at Christina's blog. I have made something like this with Canadian Bacon and it was good! That salsa sounds delicious.

  3. jilly says:

    If I had tomatoes I would make this for breakfast tomorrow. I may try it without through, it looks SO good! NUM! Eggs were the free item this week at the grocery store.

  4. Jacky Hackett says:

    @Actors I like the meat too, adds a well rounded start to the day. Though I will likely be adding this to out dinner menu too!

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